My awesome life!

Awesome little website!

Awesome little website!

Sorry I haven’t posted in ages! Today I want to show you this awesome website. This awesome website shows you how to make your own mini character. I have got a picture of mine here. Go to this link and have a go your self.


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First Day of School

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school. I am in grade 5 and my brother is in grade 7. I finally got a blazer and Jacob (my brother) is entering high school. I like my teacher very much. Her name is Miss Cunningham. One of the grade 6 students who was in her class last year told me that she had an ice cream party at the end of the year. We need to get so many marbles (by being good) and then she brings ice cream and pretty much every type of topping you can get! It sounds like fun and I am glad I got such a good teacher.
My brother got Mr O-Brien as his homeroom teacher and lots of other teachers for everything else. He likes his teacher too. I am really excited to go back to school tommorow. I can not wait and I will post again soon.

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Olivia came over!

Last year Olivia and I were really upset we weren’t in the same class for Grade 5.  We were so upset because Olivia is one of my best friends. We arranged to meet outside the Art Room every day and never forget. We also met up in the holidays. Olivia came to my house yesterday and we had so much fun!

When Olivia first came we played with all the Lego Friends she brought and all the Lego Friends I have. We had a lot of fun. We both love Lego Friends so we played it for about half an hour. Then we decided to go outside on the trampoline. It was so hot that we didn’t go out for long we only went on the tramp for about 3 minutes. Then we came inside and played on our ipods because we both have the game called Granny Smith and we both have instagram.

Then we went over to the swings and the rope ladder. We played that for a little bit and then went and played in the cubby house and in the net. We loved playing on the climbing wall too. We  has so much fun that we stayed out there for about half an hour despite how hot it was. Mum said that we could go under the sprinkler when it was a bit hotter so we went inside and had some barbecue shapes.

A bit later we decided to go down to the Kids Room. The kids room is in the back shed. In the kids shed we have a table tennis table and some comfy chairs. We also have some drawing books and pencils and things. There is a TV and a desk and there are also some games. We went inside to grab the the keys so we could get in. When we got down there for some weird reason the doors didn’t open. We tried a lot of things and then gave up. We came back inside.

When we got back inside we decided to put the sprinkler underneath the trampoline. We had so much fun and asked Mum to take some photos. Here are some of them:

olivia and be 139

olivia and be 148

olivia and be 209

olivia and be 221

olivia and be 223

We got a bit cold and so we went inside but then it got super hot again so we turned the lawn sprinklers on and made an obstacle course. It was so fun and the day was nearly over so we went inside and played Wii sports till we dried. We tried tennis, golf, boxing and bowling. Then Olivia’s mum got here so we went and packed up Olivia’s Lego Friends and went on the tramp for the last time while my Mum and Olivia’s Mum talked. I am hoping Olivia and I can see each other again some day at our houses.

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Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been posting anything much! I have been up at Orford. I was staying at my friends shack with my Mum, my brother and my Dad. My friends who owned the shack are called Lucy and Olivia. We had so much fun. Lucy and I are the same age and Olivia is 2 years older than me, She had another friend over. Lucy and I played Lego Friends a lot and sometimes we went on the trampoline together but it was so hot so we didn’t stay outside long. We went to the beach 3 times and the first time Lucy and I were the only ones swimming. It was all really nice until we saw a sting ray swimming towards us. That was when we sprinted out. Lucy and I both agreed that was the quickest time we have and ever will run in water. It was so nice up until then because there was lightning that was lighting up the sky and making it purple. It was beautiful!

The next day we went to a different beach and Lucy and I snorkeled around and canoed in her cousins canoe. We saw lots of pretty things on the bottom when we were snorkeling. Lucy and I agreed that when we got back we would make a shell necklace. We never got to do that but it was still fun. After we had snorkeled for a bit we had some chips from the chips shop down the road. Then Lucy and I asked her cousin to canoe us around while we held onto the back and stuck our head in the water. She said yes! It was so fun!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and have a very happy new year! I am very excited for 2013 and I am so excited for a whole new year to blog about. I am also hoping your all still in one piece and will stay in one piece until school goes back. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and I hope you got very spoiled over christmas. Comment on the most exciting thing you got for christmas! Have fun in 2013 and bring it on because where ready for anything.


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Christmas Spirit

Christmas is so close and I am super excited. A few weeks ago we put up our Christmas Tree and we are Christmas Shopping tommorow. I am super excited. I am also excited because school has two more days and because my birthday is on the 28th of December so I am excited about that too. I cant believe there are only 9 days till Christmas and 12 days till my birthday! I am also excited once again because the Christmas Lunch is at my house as usual but my cousins from Lanceston are coming down tool Even though this happens every year I am still super excited because we barely see each. I have 2 cousins, 1 called Amelia, who is my age and the other one is called Charlotte, she is 5.

scrapbooking039 Large e-mail view



Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did some scrapbooking. I will show you some photos:

scrapbooking001 Large e-mail view

scrapbooking002 Large e-mail view

scrapbooking003 Large e-mail view


scrapbooking004 Large e-mail view



scrapbooking005 Large e-mail view


scrapbooking006 Large e-mail view


scrapbooking007 Large e-mail view

scrapbooking010 Large e-mail view


That’s all so far and when I do more scrapbooking I will post again.

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Xmas Quotes

Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly Merry Christmas because Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

As Christmas is around the corner I had to have a peek around for some wonderful Xmas Quotes. This is my favourite.


Salamanca Market

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I went to Salamanca Market. We brought 16 things! Here is a just my favorite thing:

My wonderful Owl Hat

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Halloween Party

Hi everyone,

On Friday I went to my friend’s party. Her name is Jessica. Because her birthday is near Halloween she had a Halloween party 🙂 I brought her a cute bag, a cupcakes cooking book, oven mits and a matching apron.  It was at Zone 3. I had lots of fun! In the second game, I came 2nd. In the party bag I got this really cute Halloween candle. It is sooooo cool!

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