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Cute animals

Hi peeps,

Lately I have been quite busy, I have a science project due and I am so caught in an excellent book! Also I am going in Festival of the Voices on Thursday which is a huge concert of voices. Today I made a collage of animals because I just LOVE ANIMALS. They are so cute! Now I will show you my three collages:

Cute animals

Cute animals

Collage62201050Bianca xoxo


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Google Reader


You might of seen that google reader is shutting down so you can try Feedly. I use feedly and its really easy to use, you can just type in Feedly and it will come up with a button on the front page that says switch from google reader. All you need to do is click on that button, log into google reader and then you’re done!

Some starter tips for Feedly:

When you click on today it will show you posts that are recent from the blogs you follow, if you aren’t following any blogs then you click on add content in the top left hand corner on Feedly and then in the search box you can type in your link of the blog you want to follow. If you find your blog then you can click the plus arrow and it will add in your feed.

When you click on organize you can drag certain blogs into new category and name the category. For example I have a category name ‘Most Read’. I keep all the blogs that I enjoy the most and often visit. All your categories will come up under ‘All’. ‘All is located in the blue bar on the left side of the page. There will be a link to each of your categories and also a link to uncategorized which is all the blogs not in a category.

Have fun on Feedly and if you have any questions just ask in comments!

Bianca xoxo

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Ruby Redfort

Ruby Redfort

Wow have a look at this website about the Ruby Redfort books. The books are about Ruby Redfort being a spy at school. This website has lots of cool prizes to win and also it has all the Ruby Redfort information needed if you’re a fan of the books!

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My busy week!!!!

Omg my week has been soo busy. On Monday we were at our shack. On Tuesday we came home from our shack. On Wednesday I went to the pool with my friend from school called Jorgia. On Thursday I went to my friends house called Fay and went to gymnastics. (See a earlier post about going to Fay’s house. To do that type in Fay in the side search bar) Today is my Mum’s birthday. On Saturday I am going to gymnastics again and also then going to Jorgia’s house for a sleepover. On Sunday I will be at my friends house then I will come home and finally relax! OMG my week  is soo busy I will be sooo tired by the end of it!

Tell us in comments how busy has your week been?

Bianca xoxo

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My Mum’s birthday!

Today is my Mum’s birthday! We are going out for tea with our friends called Murray and Sandra. Murray and Sandra have 2 beautiful girls. One is my age, called Lucy and one is 2 years older than me, called Olivia! We are going to a cafe near our house called Verve cafe. It has excellent food and wood fired pizza.

We brought my Mum new pajamas and a subscription to a magazine called Better Homes and Gardens. The subscription is for 12 months. Also with the first magazine she gets it also comes with a $30 The Body Shop gift card. She really liked her present.  For breakfast we made Mum a boiled egg and toast soldiers! Also today we might be going to see Gran and Pop.

See you later, in my next post!

Bianca xoxo

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Abbies Party!

Sorry this is a late post, I have been very busy at the shack!

On Wednesday the 24th I went to my friends birthday party, Her name is Abbie. We had to be dropped off at Abbies house and played with her dogs and we also played on her Xbox connect. Then she took us to Zone 3. (For people who don’t know what zone 3 is, it is a place where it is dark and you have a laser gun and a pack and you have to try and tag other people’s pack with your laser gun, If that makes any sense.) It was really fun. There were three rounds and in the last round I came 3rd out of 8 people 🙂 

Then we went home and watched a movie. We watched Author. It was an awesome movie about a boy and his grandmother and they have to pay for their house so it doesn’t get bulldozed down. The boy travels to a place called the millimores where everyone is 2 miller metres tall. He manages to find some rubies his grandfather had buried and he payed of the property. Then the evil villain from the millimores takes revenge and comes to the human world, he makes an army and tries to take over the village but he doesn’t succeed. There are 3 movies in this series. It is a amazing movie with a great story line. It has been well thought out and I would definitely recommend it 🙂 5 out of 5 stars.

Back to Abbies party, we had a midnight snack of lollies and chips and that was delicious. We went to sleep at 2:30 am! We were all super tired the next day. Straight away the next day everyone’s parents picked them up. I was so tired but Abbies party was still awesome. The present I brought Abbie was, An owl diary, A pretty pencil to go with the diary, pink nail polish, pink lip gloss and a bracelet.

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Flower Power

When I went outside today I saw a lot of really pretty and beautiful flowers. They were so pretty I decided to take some photos. I ran and got my camera. Some are more pretty than others and some photos just look weird but all the flowers looked amazing in real life.Photos 202

Photos 203

Photos 204

Ipod 2012 011

Photos 213

Photos 214



Photos 219



Photos 224

Photos 225

Photos 228

Photos 232


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Awesome little website!

Awesome little website!

Sorry I haven’t posted in ages! Today I want to show you this awesome website. This awesome website shows you how to make your own mini character. I have got a picture of mine here. Go to this link and have a go your self.


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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and have a very happy new year! I am very excited for 2013 and I am so excited for a whole new year to blog about. I am also hoping your all still in one piece and will stay in one piece until school goes back. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and I hope you got very spoiled over christmas. Comment on the most exciting thing you got for christmas! Have fun in 2013 and bring it on because where ready for anything.


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Christmas Spirit

Christmas is so close and I am super excited. A few weeks ago we put up our Christmas Tree and we are Christmas Shopping tommorow. I am super excited. I am also excited because school has two more days and because my birthday is on the 28th of December so I am excited about that too. I cant believe there are only 9 days till Christmas and 12 days till my birthday! I am also excited once again because the Christmas Lunch is at my house as usual but my cousins from Lanceston are coming down tool Even though this happens every year I am still super excited because we barely see each. I have 2 cousins, 1 called Amelia, who is my age and the other one is called Charlotte, she is 5.

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