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School Camp!

Hello everyone,

In the second last week of school I had a school camp. We went to Wood field Lodge. It was really fun. Some of the activities we did were: shelter building, flying fox, volleyball, ropes course, waterfall course and we had a campfire at night. The campfire was peaceful and calming. There were millions of stars in the sky and my friend thought one was a shooting star but it was actually a plane. It was really funny. Some of the pictures I took at camp are here:

camp 2013 001 My cabin and the people in my cabin. The only people not here are Lucy and Mel who didn’t want a photo.

camp 2013 019 This is me with the dog that was at camp. The dog was called Prince. There was also another dog but he was blind and deaf and we had to be careful going near him. I can’t remember that dog’s name.

camp 2013 023 Georgia and I heading up the track towards the shelter building.

camp 2013 025Ashley and I waiting for the activities to start and wondering what we should do. Ashley and I are good friends and were very happy that we were in the same cabin. Unfortunately we aren’t in the same class.

camp 2013 034My shelter that the and my group had to make.

camp 2013 039

My water boiling on my camp fire.

camp 2013 093

The waterfall we walked to.

camp 2013 077

The camp fire and night time.

camp 2013 074Georgia, Renae, Ashley and I sitting at the table waiting hungrily for some lasagne at tea time.
camp 2013 073Georgia and I.

I hope you liked my post about camp and I’d like to know where was your Grade 5, 6 or 7 camp?

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First Day of School

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school. I am in grade 5 and my brother is in grade 7. I finally got a blazer and Jacob (my brother) is entering high school. I like my teacher very much. Her name is Miss Cunningham. One of the grade 6 students who was in her class last year told me that she had an ice cream party at the end of the year. We need to get so many marbles (by being good) and then she brings ice cream and pretty much every type of topping you can get! It sounds like fun and I am glad I got such a good teacher.
My brother got Mr O-Brien as his homeroom teacher and lots of other teachers for everything else. He likes his teacher too. I am really excited to go back to school tommorow. I can not wait and I will post again soon.

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School Pantomime

Hi everyone,

Today was our school pantomime! I was Rapunzel. It was called Once Upon A Time, A Fairy Tale Adventure. What happens is the Wicked Witch changes everyones story because she wants to take over. In my story she takes away all the hair care products. Hansel, Gretel and Paddy save the good fairy queen and she  changes the Wicked Witch to a good witch. There is a wolf called Smartie who is really funny and silly! It was a great pantomime and I had a great time!

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Where’s Wally?

Hi everyone,

On Wednesday my school had a dress up as wally day! Yes!The red and white stripy wally!Here are the crazy photos of me in my wally suit!

My brother and I in our wally outfits!


I sooooo didn’t do it!

Bye Bye 🙂 😀 :O 😛

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Cross Country

Sorry I haven’t posted in ages! Here is the lastest news:

Hi lovelies!
Today we had cross country at school! I came 3rd. The course was 2km! My friend Olivia came 3rd. My friend Lucy came 2nd. My friend Rachael came 3rd. My friend Sarah came 5th. How did you go in cross country?

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My Project

Today I was cleaning the fridge and cupboards. I saw my project from grade 3! It was on Mount Field. I remember we also went to Mount Field for an excursion. For my project I did a poster. I had a paragraph on things you can do, where it is, park rules, plants and conservation.Here are some pictures of my project:



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Last Day Of School

Last day of school at our school was actually also Reverse Day (see more in the reverse day post) We had a maths test on multiplication to finish our term. We watched some movies on the DVC (movie program on projectors) too. I am soooo looking forward to holidays. I’ve got lots of things planned. I’m sure everyone will enjoy the holidays but will end up counting down the days to schools back and to see our friends. Our principle has also given us 4 things to do on the holidays:

  1. Read something new
  2. Make something new
  3. Play something new
  4. Clean our bedrooms and school bags


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Simple Facts:

  1. Today it was Reverse Day at our school.
  2. Reverse Day is when we students dress up as teachers and the teachers borrow someone’s uniform.
  3.  My teacher didn’t dress up but the other class’s (next door) teacher did.
  4. I had a great day!
  5.  It was a gold coin donation.
  6.  I dressed as Mrs Doyle.
  7.  I bought a black curly wig and a coffee mug.
  8.  I wrapped a bar of chocolate in glad wrap and brought that to school too.
  9.  Luckily I won an award at assembly on the same day!
  10.  I won an award for being the best dressed in my year group (year 4)
  11.  I won a little laminated card to say I won and I also got to choose a prize of the table at the assembly hall.
  12.  I chose a packet of coloured texta’s that don’t colour in, there actually the shape of little pictures! They are stamps!

There are the shapes:

  1.  Smiley Face (light orange)
  2.  Paw print (dark orange)
  3. Love Heart (red)
  4.  Star (greenish blueish)
  5.  Music Note (black)
  6.  Foot print (grey)
  7.  3 leafed clover (pink)
  8.  Tree (green)
  9.  The markers look great and work really well. Well done to everyone who dressed up.


ME NEXT TO MY FRIENDS                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Starting from the left: Me, Jessica, Libby


This is me and Mrs Doyle


These are the texta’s I won

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My Favs

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to stop. It is about learning to dance in the rain”
“God doesn’t pay us for results, but effort”
“Do good while you still have time”

These are some quotes I had to write down for school.

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