My awesome life!

Abbies Party!

on May 3, 2013

Sorry this is a late post, I have been very busy at the shack!

On Wednesday the 24th I went to my friends birthday party, Her name is Abbie. We had to be dropped off at Abbies house and played with her dogs and we also played on her Xbox connect. Then she took us to Zone 3. (For people who don’t know what zone 3 is, it is a place where it is dark and you have a laser gun and a pack and you have to try and tag other people’s pack with your laser gun, If that makes any sense.) It was really fun. There were three rounds and in the last round I came 3rd out of 8 people 🙂 

Then we went home and watched a movie. We watched Author. It was an awesome movie about a boy and his grandmother and they have to pay for their house so it doesn’t get bulldozed down. The boy travels to a place called the millimores where everyone is 2 miller metres tall. He manages to find some rubies his grandfather had buried and he payed of the property. Then the evil villain from the millimores takes revenge and comes to the human world, he makes an army and tries to take over the village but he doesn’t succeed. There are 3 movies in this series. It is a amazing movie with a great story line. It has been well thought out and I would definitely recommend it 🙂 5 out of 5 stars.

Back to Abbies party, we had a midnight snack of lollies and chips and that was delicious. We went to sleep at 2:30 am! We were all super tired the next day. Straight away the next day everyone’s parents picked them up. I was so tired but Abbies party was still awesome. The present I brought Abbie was, An owl diary, A pretty pencil to go with the diary, pink nail polish, pink lip gloss and a bracelet.


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