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School Camp!

on April 23, 2013

Hello everyone,

In the second last week of school I had a school camp. We went to Wood field Lodge. It was really fun. Some of the activities we did were: shelter building, flying fox, volleyball, ropes course, waterfall course and we had a campfire at night. The campfire was peaceful and calming. There were millions of stars in the sky and my friend thought one was a shooting star but it was actually a plane. It was really funny. Some of the pictures I took at camp are here:

camp 2013 001 My cabin and the people in my cabin. The only people not here are Lucy and Mel who didn’t want a photo.

camp 2013 019 This is me with the dog that was at camp. The dog was called Prince. There was also another dog but he was blind and deaf and we had to be careful going near him. I can’t remember that dog’s name.

camp 2013 023 Georgia and I heading up the track towards the shelter building.

camp 2013 025Ashley and I waiting for the activities to start and wondering what we should do. Ashley and I are good friends and were very happy that we were in the same cabin. Unfortunately we aren’t in the same class.

camp 2013 034My shelter that the and my group had to make.

camp 2013 039

My water boiling on my camp fire.

camp 2013 093

The waterfall we walked to.

camp 2013 077

The camp fire and night time.

camp 2013 074Georgia, Renae, Ashley and I sitting at the table waiting hungrily for some lasagne at tea time.
camp 2013 073Georgia and I.

I hope you liked my post about camp and I’d like to know where was your Grade 5, 6 or 7 camp?


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