My awesome life!

Olivia came over!

on January 31, 2013

Last year Olivia and I were really upset we weren’t in the same class for Grade 5.  We were so upset because Olivia is one of my best friends. We arranged to meet outside the Art Room every day and never forget. We also met up in the holidays. Olivia came to my house yesterday and we had so much fun!

When Olivia first came we played with all the Lego Friends she brought and all the Lego Friends I have. We had a lot of fun. We both love Lego Friends so we played it for about half an hour. Then we decided to go outside on the trampoline. It was so hot that we didn’t go out for long we only went on the tramp for about 3 minutes. Then we came inside and played on our ipods because we both have the game called Granny Smith and we both have instagram.

Then we went over to the swings and the rope ladder. We played that for a little bit and then went and played in the cubby house and in the net. We loved playing on the climbing wall too. We  has so much fun that we stayed out there for about half an hour despite how hot it was. Mum said that we could go under the sprinkler when it was a bit hotter so we went inside and had some barbecue shapes.

A bit later we decided to go down to the Kids Room. The kids room is in the back shed. In the kids shed we have a table tennis table and some comfy chairs. We also have some drawing books and pencils and things. There is a TV and a desk and there are also some games. We went inside to grab the the keys so we could get in. When we got down there for some weird reason the doors didn’t open. We tried a lot of things and then gave up. We came back inside.

When we got back inside we decided to put the sprinkler underneath the trampoline. We had so much fun and asked Mum to take some photos. Here are some of them:

olivia and be 139

olivia and be 148

olivia and be 209

olivia and be 221

olivia and be 223

We got a bit cold and so we went inside but then it got super hot again so we turned the lawn sprinklers on and made an obstacle course. It was so fun and the day was nearly over so we went inside and played Wii sports till we dried. We tried tennis, golf, boxing and bowling. Then Olivia’s mum got here so we went and packed up Olivia’s Lego Friends and went on the tramp for the last time while my Mum and Olivia’s Mum talked. I am hoping Olivia and I can see each other again some day at our houses.

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