My awesome life!


on January 30, 2013

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been posting anything much! I have been up at Orford. I was staying at my friends shack with my Mum, my brother and my Dad. My friends who owned the shack are called Lucy and Olivia. We had so much fun. Lucy and I are the same age and Olivia is 2 years older than me, She had another friend over. Lucy and I played Lego Friends a lot and sometimes we went on the trampoline together but it was so hot so we didn’t stay outside long. We went to the beach 3 times and the first time Lucy and I were the only ones swimming. It was all really nice until we saw a sting ray swimming towards us. That was when we sprinted out. Lucy and I both agreed that was the quickest time we have and ever will run in water. It was so nice up until then because there was lightning that was lighting up the sky and making it purple. It was beautiful!

The next day we went to a different beach and Lucy and I snorkeled around and canoed in her cousins canoe. We saw lots of pretty things on the bottom when we were snorkeling. Lucy and I agreed that when we got back we would make a shell necklace. We never got to do that but it was still fun. After we had snorkeled for a bit we had some chips from the chips shop down the road. Then Lucy and I asked her cousin to canoe us around while we held onto the back and stuck our head in the water. She said yes! It was so fun!

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