My awesome life!

Meet Tala

on June 16, 2012


Today I am telling you what Tala and I did on Wednesday :

The other day my friend from gymnastics came for a play 🙂 Her name is Tala.

First we played in my bedroom. We played games and talked for a while then we went down to the Lounge Room.  We played a game when you  had to choose a track on my CD and dance to it. Sounds easy but the twist was…… You had to choose a random number without knowing what it was! Wait…. And….. you had to choose a position to start in without knowing that either! It was really hard! It was fun because Tala is from gymnastics so we could both do cool tricks in time with the music!

While this is happening my brother is coming home from gymnastics with his friend, Drew.

After we had finished our dance off it was lunch time. We had soup and sausage rolls. Jacob and Drew went outside to look at the skateboard so we did one more dance each. Jacob and Drew then went to play near the Fruit Trees so we stayed inside.

We decided to have a picnic so we got a picnic blanket, some magazines and my secret stash of chocolate. We went and spread the blanket on the grass and started reading and eating. When we were finished that we went inside to my bedroom. We played some more games for a little while and painted each other’s nails.

Unfortunately Tala had to go home at when we finished painting our nails 😦  We took Tala home and said goodbye. That is what Tala and I did on Wednesday 🙂

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