My awesome life!

Shopping Spree

on June 10, 2012

Yesterday Mum and I went to Centre Point to buy a jacket, boots, trousers and a present for my brother’s birthday (next week)

First we went to a cafe for lunch. I had scones with jam and cream. Then we walked down to Esprite. They had a sale, 20% off any jackets or jumpers! We didn’t find anything we thought suited me but we did find some pretty dresses.  We didn’t buy the dresses because I already have heaps.

We then walked down to Smiggle to have a look. We didn’t buy anything there.

We walked down to Target and looked for a jacket. There wasn’t anything we liked there either so we went to Pumpkin Patch.

We saw about 10 things we liked so we tried them all on. We ended up buying a white jacket with a zip off hood, a pink coat with double buttons, a long pink stripy top that can also go over skinny jeans and be a dress and a white fluffy button up coat for my teddies to wear.

Then we walked back through Target and looked for fingerless gloves. There weren’t any but we did see a nice hat. We brought the hat but no gloves.

Then we walked out into the Reject Shop to look for my brother’s birthday present. We didn’t see anything there either!

Then we walked back to Myer and looked for boots. There were some boots there but none we liked so we walked back to the ice-cream shop and I brought 1 chocolate scoop in a waffle cone. It was delicious.

Then mum took me to gym. At gym I saw a girl called Abby with fingerless gloves on. I asked her where she got them and she said shiploads! I am going to go to shiploads and try and find some because I live 5 minutes away from shiploads!

After gym mum and I quickly went to Kmart and found some boots. I decided I would take them home and walk in them for a while, see how they feel and then maybe take them back. Then we went home. We ended up buying everything we needed but trousers. That doesn’t matter because now we have boots it doesn’t matter whether or not the trousers don’t reach my ankles.


  • Pink Jacket
  • White Jacket
  • Boots
  • Hat
  • Dress/top
  • Teddies white jacket


My Pink Jacket (pumpkin patch)


My White Jacket (pumpkin patch)


My Left Boot (Kmart)


My Right Boot (Kmart)


Fluzzy with my hat on (Looks better on me because it is a bit big! (target)


My Pink Dress/Top thingy (pumpkin patch)


My Teddies birthday present (pumpkin patch)


Fluzzy wearing her jacket on her birthday. (pumpkin patch)

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