My awesome life!

Going to Melbourne

on June 10, 2012

My Daily Diary:


We went to the airport and flew to Melbourne. We then hired a Maxi Taxi for us and the other 4 people. We drove to the hotel and checked in. We went up and got dressed and rugged up! We went out for tea at South Gate. I had buttered chicken and rice. Jacob had scones. Mum shared my rice and butter chicken. Dad had some Chinese food.

We caught a tram to the football and watched Geelong and Carlton go head to head at the Ethihad.


IT WAS MY BROTHER’S (Jacob) BIRTHDAY. We woke him up early and gave him his presents. He got a game on the Xbox, new slippers, crunchie rocks, fingerless gloves and a saggy beanie. We went to the breakfast service the hotel provided and then left and went to the Vic Market.

We wandered round for a little bit and then went and had some lunch. We had mini pancakes and a milkshake. I had vanilla and my brother (Jacob) had chocolate. We then got up and finished looking at the market. I brought a little purse made out of silicon and a little round box to put badges in.  Mum brought us a fifty dollar set of textas that change colour and rub out with a special pen. We had a great time! We went home and tested our textas and got changed.

We then went to The Block (see The Block/Melbourne and Going to Melbourne posts) They were really good! We then went back to the hotel to get changed again and then headed off to Outback Jack’s for tea. We caught a tram into the city to try and catch one back out.

We saw a horse and cart for hire! We went over and it was $100! We were going to have a go! We got a half an hour drive with the horse and cart. It was absolutely fabulous! There was such a nice view and it felt so peaceful and quiet.


We woke up early, got dressed, went to breakfast service, hired a Maxi Taxi for us 8 and drove to the airport. We had to wait an hour and then we boarded the plane and went home! We had a nice flight home!


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