My awesome life!


on May 30, 2012


Today I got up and went to Northgate Shopping Centre for a work meeting mum had. It went for about an hour. I had breakfast there. I had hot cakes from Mc Donald’s and a white hot chocolate from Gloria Jeans. I played on my DS.

I then went to Best and Less with mum. We didn’t find anything that I really wanted.

Then we went down to Target. I bought a pretty black and grey skirt. We thought that because we didn’t buy a top that goes with it we would go back and look in Best and Less again. I found a pretty pink top and decided I would take it home and try it with the skirt.

Then we went to Wendy’s and brought a rainbow waffle cone with top deck bits. I ate it all up and it was yummy. Then we walked back to the car park and drove back home.

When we pulled up I saw the girl next door (Bronte) I asked if she wanted to come over and she said yes. She came over and first we went on the swing. Then we played in the net. We then thought we should make a cubby. So we got some sticks and pegged them up against the bottom frame of the platform. We thought that we should put it on the platform. So we moved all the towels to the platform and we sat down and talked.

Mum came and asked where the bucket of pegs were (because we still had the bucket) and we gave them to her and also we asked for some snacks.

While mum was kindly getting our snacks we went inside and got my song book. We wrote a song together called ‘If we could be friends again’ By the time we had finished our song Bronte had to go back over the fence so we said goodbye and I went inside.

I played on the computer for a while and then I tried my clothes on. The grey skirt looked terrible with the pink top but it looked nice with another black top I had. It was all really fun today.

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