My awesome life!

Fay comes to my house

on May 29, 2012

Yesterday Fay came to my house! She got here at 12:00. As soon as she got here we played on my whiteboard for about 10 minutes. We drew pictures, wrote sentences and also had competitions who could write the fastest and still read what they wrote. I could write the fastest but it took about 5 minutes to read 2 sentences!

Then we went outside and played on the beam and bar. We practiced kip (a gymnastics skill) and long swing pull around (another gymnastics skill.) At that moment Fay saw the net and cubby house. “Can we go play there!!!!!” said Fay. “Sure” I replied. So we jumped off the bar and beam and raced down to the climbing wall.

We climbed up and Fay was the first to run down the net! We ran out the other side and decided we would go back inside. We went inside and played a game. We thought that we should find a secret meeting spot so we went out the front to a hollowed out bush our family had cut back months ago. Then we thought ‘What are we going to do?’ So we ran back inside and got 2 towels ,food and a notebook with texta’s. We put it all in a plastic bag and went to out cubby house (bush) About 30 minutes later we decided we would get a few more towels and more food. So off we ran back to the towel cupboard. We got 3 more towels, 2 finger buns and a chocolate yogurt each with a plastic spoon attached. We then went back to our secret meeting spot and ate ALL our food!

We drew pictures and read a book for a while and then gathered everything up and went back through the net and down the fireman pole. We went on the bar and beam again and went back inside. We thought that we had 3 hours left but it turned out we only had 20 minutes! So I showed her my blog and we got changed into our clothes for gymnastics. I then took her to gymnastics and we had a great day. It went sooooo much quicker than we thought it would but we had fun!

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