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My Boat

on May 27, 2012

Yesterday, Dad and I built a little boat. We had hand rails, steering wheels and other bits and pieces. All the building with tools is now done but I need some material for a flag. It was surprising how many tools we used just to make a simple little boat. We are going to take it down to the duck pond near my house to test it in deeper water. We painted the bottom of the boat gold and the hand rails pink.






Things you need:

  • A piece of pine for the base
  • Saw
  • Piece of pine for a hand rail
  • Hammer
  • Box of nails
  • Drill
  • Some little sticks of dowel for corners
  • Triangular block of dowel for keel
  • Small block of pine (see picture)
  • Cork
  • Pliers
  • Tall block of pine (see picture)
  • Tall stick of dowel (see picture)
  • Medium stick of dowel (see picture)
  • Knife
  • String
  • Chisel
  • 1 sheet of scrap paper
  • Spray paint (any colour)


  1. Cut the top of the pine into a point
  2. With the second piece of pine saw it to make  it the same shape as the edge for a hand rail
  3. Nail the pine hand rails to the edge with a hammer
  4. Drill a hole in the corners and poke a little stick of dowel into the holes
  5. Hold the triangular block of pine under the boat and put nails in the top of the boat, all the way through so it goes down into the triangular block (this is your keel)
  6. Nail the smallest block of pine onto the top of the boat.
  7. Hammer a nail where you want the steering wheel but don’t put it all the way down. (you want to see about 3 quarters of the nail above the pine block)
  8. Ask an adult to cut the top off the nail using a pair of pliers.
  9.  Drill a small hole in the bottom of the cork
  10. Slip the cork over the nail (that’s why you need a hole)
  11. Nail the tallest block onto the top of the boat (hammer the nail into the bottom of the boat because you can’t get tall enough nails to go all the way through from the top.)
  12. Drill a hole in the middle of each block
  13. Cut a little slit right around the dowel (this is to put the string in)
  14. Stick the dowel into the holes
  15.  Cut some string
  16. Tie the string around one piece of dowel (in the slit)
  17. Pull the other side of the string over to the other piece of dowel and tie it around that stick
  18. Use the chisel to cut a little entrance and exit hole in the side
  19. Lean the boat on an angle and place a piece of paper against the blocks (so when your painting it doesn’t get the rest of the boat wet)
  20. Spray paint your boat any colour you want!
  21. Wait for your boat to dry
  22. Test your boat in the water


  • You may need an adult to help
  • Be careful with all the tools

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