My awesome life!


on May 25, 2012

Simple Facts:

  1. Today it was Reverse Day at our school.
  2. Reverse Day is when we students dress up as teachers and the teachers borrow someone’s uniform.
  3.  My teacher didn’t dress up but the other class’s (next door) teacher did.
  4. I had a great day!
  5.  It was a gold coin donation.
  6.  I dressed as Mrs Doyle.
  7.  I bought a black curly wig and a coffee mug.
  8.  I wrapped a bar of chocolate in glad wrap and brought that to school too.
  9.  Luckily I won an award at assembly on the same day!
  10.  I won an award for being the best dressed in my year group (year 4)
  11.  I won a little laminated card to say I won and I also got to choose a prize of the table at the assembly hall.
  12.  I chose a packet of coloured texta’s that don’t colour in, there actually the shape of little pictures! They are stamps!

There are the shapes:

  1.  Smiley Face (light orange)
  2.  Paw print (dark orange)
  3. Love Heart (red)
  4.  Star (greenish blueish)
  5.  Music Note (black)
  6.  Foot print (grey)
  7.  3 leafed clover (pink)
  8.  Tree (green)
  9.  The markers look great and work really well. Well done to everyone who dressed up.


ME NEXT TO MY FRIENDS                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Starting from the left: Me, Jessica, Libby


This is me and Mrs Doyle


These are the texta’s I won

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